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Web Design: Secrets of Success

Question: What are the secrets to achieving success in web design?

Answer: Achieving success in web design requires a user-centered approach, appealing visual aesthetics, intuitive navigation, responsive design, and optimized performance.

Web Design Secrets

Web design is the foundation of all businesses who wish to maintain an online presence. With the growth of e-commerce came the business boom of the internet. Today, you would be hard-pressed to find any successful company anywhere that does not have a stake online. Everyone from local florists to hardware stores have a website. Industry leaders such as Coke and Disney also have a web presence, although theirs is a little more commanding, of course.

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However, by succumbing to the trends set by Big Businesses, many smaller companies feel as though they cannot compete. This way of thinking is wrong because small companies can compete. The internet allows for your vision to come first, the size of your company to come second.

That’s right: Even the smallest of companies can seem mighty online. As long as your web design is up to snuff.

What Makes a Great Web Design?

There is a myriad of components that factor into what constitutes a great web design. Everything from your site’s layout, imagery, UI (user interface), and content, and more all factor into this equation.

UI & Layout

Your UI is extremely important, as it facilitates the means of navigation and interactivity.


Navigation is important for several reasons: To start, it demonstrates a strong internal link profile. Your internal link profile signifies the number of links you have on any given page, that point to other pages of your website. No, your navigation bar doesn’t really count.

This is because the pages most commonly referenced in your navigation bar lead to what are known as, “common” pages. These common pages would naturally be your contact us page, service pages, blog section, etc. A strong link profile will include links to the inner reaches of your website. This is, to speak, the road less travelled. Links pointing to your resource pages or “info” pages add immensely to your link profile, thus, granting you higher rankings in search engines, greater engagement from your site’s visitors, and finally, improves the user experience.


Your website’s interactivity simply means the things in which a visitor can interact with. This can range from media (videos, songs, montages, video tours, etc.), to drop downs, to things that spin or pop out or make a sound when hovered over.

Interactivity, to an extent, is needed on most every website. To put it rather bluntly: People want cool things to do on a website. There it is in a nutshell.


Make use of imagery, because it paints a picture and adds depth to any page.


Infographics are a great use of imagery that combines aesthetic appeal with informative facts. Infographics help by explaining complex or long ideas in a fun and visual way. This helps visitors by providing them with the information they need in a consumable and fun way.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. Do you know why they say that? Because it’s true! Images can evoke an emotion, tell a story, or simply be an object of beauty. While usually used to convey a message, they can also be used to point someone in the right direction.


Your content is the foundation of your website’s overall design element. It should be the first thing your customers see, and the last before taking the desired action. It should be optimized for search rankings and conversions. It should be error-free (this includes misspellings, grammatical errors, and issues with proper punctuation), and written in the tone that is targeted at your audience.

A Social Media Strategist And His Strategies

Question: What are the strategies employed by a social media strategist?

Answer: A social media strategist utilizes strategies such as content planning, audience targeting, engagement tactics, analytics tracking, and ad campaigns.

Your Social Media Strategist Reveals his Strategies

Develop a strategy before you begin building a social media following. It will take time and effort on your part but your chances of success will be greatly improved. If you just fly by the seat of your pants, you will inevitably suffer aggravating setbacks that otherwise could have been avoided. Put in the effort, do a bit of research and hire a social media management company that knows how to do it right.

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Give it Time

The most important thing to be aware of, from the very beginning, is that building a strong social media following takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, there will be ups and downs. If you decide to go it alone, expect some long stretches where it seems you are not making any progress at all. Just hang on through these slow periods that leave you doubting yourself. As long as you put the effort into developing a strategy, you will see results … eventually. This step can be made much easier, of course, by utilizing the knowledge and experience of a social media management team.

Pick a Social Media Channel

Think about your target audience. Where are they most likely to spend their time socializing online? Pick your social media channels based on this and your content. Will your content consist primarily of videos or pictures and text? Some examples of different social media channels are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Pictures and text work well on Facebook while YouTube works well for videos. Don’t spread yourself too thin. remember, you will have to manage these pages – unless you choose to go with an experienced company to manage these pages. It is better to be able to really focus on a few channels if you are doing it yourself. If you are trying to manage too many channels, it will get overwhelming. You will find yourself struggling to keep up and your social media following may begin to drop off. This is where a social media management team comes in: we offer full services which give you a completely “hands-off” experience.

Do Your Research

If you decide that you can handle this undertaking on your own, remember, study your competitors. Take a look at what the most successful competitors are doing as opposed to the less successful ones. This will help you understand what will or won’t work for you. If they are successful, they are doing something right. If you choose to go with a professional company, this will all be done for you. A social media strategist may offer some insight on a consultation basis to help you along your way.

Stand Out From the Rest

Consider doing something similar to what the competition is doing but find a way to stand out. You want to get your audience’s attention and keep it. How you do that will depend primarily on your target audience and what you are promoting. Decide what will work best for you and stay consistent. If there needs to be some variation, find something that you can use consistently across the board. For example:

  • Use the same lettering throughout.
  • Stick with a particular type of imagery – simple and clean or busy, bright colours or muted.
  • Add your stamp to all of your images. This could be over to one side, in a corner or across the whole image.

At Yopie, we test to find what works best for you and we stay consistent.

Create a Schedule

Determine how often you should share/post on each social media site. Schedule the shares/posts and stay consistent. The sharing/posting frequency will vary, depending on the site. For example, you will want to share/post more often on Twitter than Facebook. This is another aspect of social media building that you can get some help with from an experienced social media management service. Allow them to find what works best. By working with a social media service company like Yopie or any social media strategist, you will get the results you need while maintaining the ability to focus on more important things.

How To – Making the Best Video Testimonials

Question: What are the steps for making the best video testimonials?

Answer: To create the best video testimonials, focus on storytelling, authentic testimonials, good production quality, and effective editing.

The best Video Testimonials!

Making the best video testimonials is a goal that businesses around the world target. However, there is a considerable amount of risk when it comes to the planning, production, execution and distribution of the video. This primarily has to do with the company you choose as your video production company.

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While there are several video production companies throughout the Toronto area, there are but a few that offers a full suite of benefits for choosing them, and even less that is truly a full-service company.

Making the best video testimonials is a key component of several factors:

  • The video production company.
  • The quality of the production materials.
  • The experience of the production staff.
  • The applications for the video(s).

Third-party Endorsements

Third-party endorsements are what you would refer to as the testimonial itself. This is where the oldest and most compelling sales factor comes in Word of mouth. Word of mouth can sell a product or service faster than any marketing ploy or advertisement. It can sell a product or service faster than any promotion or rebate or discount, too. Word of mouth is the simplest form of endorsement, yet it fuels the decisions of consumers every single day.

Did you know that most online consumers do not, and will not, make a purchase of any kind without first researching reviews about the trustworthiness of the company and the product or service itself, and that includes delivery and purchase ease and reliability?

No positive reviews equal no sales. This can be especially disastrous for smaller companies or startups that rely on positive word of mouth to really “take off.” This is why video testimonials are so important. Video shows the honest expressions of the client or customer. It shows how they feel about your service, your products, and/or the experience they had working with your company. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video is without equal: It says more than words.

Making Only The Highest Quality Testimonials

Making the highest quality video testimonials is what you want for your business. Again, if prospective buyers have a montage of satisfied customers to see and hear before making a purchase decision, your chances of making a sale go through the roof. Nothing has the power to sell like a personal recommendation.

Video testimonials serve several purposes, including assuring a potential customer that your business is legitimate, placing them instantly at ease. They can address certain worries or fears, instantly abating them. They may state a particular value proposition that the prospective buyer finds tempting, thus appealing to their sensibilities.

In any case, the best video testimonials will show potential customers why others have chosen you, and that it is safe to choose you, too. Not only that, but the attractiveness of the video itself will bring about excitement, helping to persuade potential customers on a whole new level. When it comes to increasing your conversions and receiving a measurable ROI, the best video testimonials are what your company is looking for.

Why Blogging Is An Essential SEO Service

Question: Why is blogging an essential SEO service?

Answer: Blogging helps improve website visibility, generates quality content, attracts organic traffic, and enhances search engine optimization efforts.

Seo Service Essential: Blogging

It makes sense, Google has told us that the company motto is ‘to deliver the best search results’ period. In doing so the mandate is in, create fresh quality content (content is king) on a regular basis if you want a site to rank and have your site become an authority on its subject matter. The answer has become blogging and it has become one of the many strategies used by digital agencies for search engine optimization. Amidst the changes that have rocked the SEO industry in the past few years, blogging has proven to have the resilience to offer stable and long term results with regard to online traffic generations and it is this type of resilience and longevity that most people want for their websites. Due to this, the demand for blogs is on the rise and here are some of the reasons why blogging has now become an essential SEO service.

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Blogging leads to more indexed pages

The higher the number of indexed pages in the search engines, the better the SEO rankings for any particular website. The search engines consider each blog as a web page which it will analyze for relevant keywords in order to determine the rank of the website. It, therefore, implies that high quality and industry relevant blog posts will lead to many pages getting indexed and attract the attention of the search engines, not to mention the massive increase in keyword a site will rank for.

White Hat Link Building

Quality back links have been described as the accelerant for search engine rankings. The links should not just be of good quality, but also they need to occur naturally and not appear spammy in any way. With regular production of high quality blogs, you increase the chances of other websites in your niche finding your blog and linking back to your website giving you links from relevant sites, a ranking gold mine. Such links are viewed by the search engines as an endorsement of your products and services by other companies, thus enhancing your ranks on the search engines.

Social Media Signals

Social signals have become increasingly important in search engine optimization. Through blogging, you can promote your blog posts to your social media followers and if the content is good enough, your followers are likely to share it further among their friends, increasing your social reach. The social signals generated by such sharing indicates to the search engines that the content was of good value to your users, making your content appear to have authority and again receiving better rankings in the search engines.

Fresh Content

Search engine giants like Google give priority to websites that update their content on a regular basis. Blogging offers an awesome chance to ensure that the content on the websites are kept fresh just as the search engines prefer. With every new blog you post, the search engine robots will crawl the site and continue indexing more pages. Fresh content will also imply that your customers will have a reason to come back to your website because they know that they will find something new. Not everyone has the time to blog and that’s why it’s an SEO service that every agency offers and encourages.

Internal Linking

In addition to external linking, internal linking is also important for successful search engine optimization. Blogging makes it a breeze to achieve internal linking since all you have to do is to create links in the blogs to point to other pages or blogs in the same websites. If done in the right manner, internal linking will help the search engines in understanding the context of your content as well as the coherence that exists between the various types of content in the website.

In Conclusion

Yes, blogging has shown to be one of the best forms of marketing and essential SEO service with too many benefits to list in this blog. Get Blogging!!

SEO Services – Are They The Answer for Your Companies Online Growth?

Question: Are SEO services the answer for your company’s online growth?

Answer: SEO services can play a crucial role in improving online visibility, increasing organic traffic, and driving business growth for companies.

Seo Services, do they work?

Every online business desires to have significant amounts of traffic to grow. Paid traffic is always the fastest way to build any online venture given that it can be realized faster with higher targeting capabilities compared to free traffic. But if your online company is stagnant because you don’t have the money for paid traffic, professional SEO services could be the answer for your company’s online growth. Here are some of the reasons why this could be the case-:

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Increase in organic traffic

Organic traffic remains the best type of traffic on the Internet. It is free, and it is highly targeted, implying that you are likely to get lots of sales and leads needed to grow your online company. With professional search engine optimization services, it is possible for your website to rank higher in the search engines and attract lots of quality and targeted traffic to your website.

SEO is cost effective

Contrary to the beliefs of many, professional search engine optimization services are cost effective and relatively affordable compared to acquiring traffic through other paid methods. For instance, PPC advertising, or even social media advertising are known to gobble up the advertising budgets with very low return on investments. When you get professional SEO services, you will continue to get lots of organic traffic for a long time, and this will, in turn, result into higher ROIs, even though it might take a little longer compared to the rest of the methods.

Enhances Brand Awareness

When your website is consistently on top of the search engines in your industry, the target audience will view your online company as an authority in the industry, and they are likely to be more willing to do business with you. This constant exposure as a leader in the industry is also important in building the reputation of your online company, and this will have positive consequences for many more years to come.

Increased conversion rates

It has been established that SEO leads have higher conversion rates compared to leads obtained through other traffic generation methods such as PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. This is due to the fact when someone goes to the search engines to search for a product or a service; they need it, and they are in the right state of mind to make a purchase. All you have to do is to put the item in front of their eyes, and they will gladly take out their credit cards and buy.

Takes into account mobile users

The growth of mobile traffic has been phenomenal and now it is a fact that the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet outweighs those using desktop devices. This implies that a huge chunk of the internet traffic originates from the mobile devices. Therefore, the only way to have a piece of this pie is to have mobile friendly websites. Professional SEO services will ensure that your website is responsive enough and can thus render on the mobile devices. This allows you to get an additional source of traffic to grow your online company.

Conversion Rate Optimization Companies Toronto

Question: Conversion Rate Optimization Companies: What do they do?

Answer: Conversion Rate Optimization companies help businesses analyze, optimize, and improve their website or digital platforms to increase conversions and achieve marketing goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization Companies: What They Do

Conversion rate optimization is a grouping of strategies and tools that help to increase page conversions. Be it opting in or becoming a member, a conversion is the act of persuading a website visitor to take the desired action. No matter your business, if you want to increase your revenue stream – you need higher conversions. A large part of CRO revolves around SEO. In fact, one cannot be done efficiently without the other. For your website to be optimized for conversions and rankings, the SEO services company you hire must have a clear and concise grasp of what is expected by search engines – and your target audience. Among the many facets of CRO, the most critical to your website are CRO strategies working in tandem with a solid SEO foundation.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, means to optimize your website so that it can rank higher on search engines, giving your website greater brand visibility. There are several factors that comprise SEO, however, most relevant, are organic keyword integration and link building. Organic keyword integration is the act of placing terms that are relevant to your business in the text, or copy, of your website. This copy is also referred to as website content. Link building is a system of building credible and relevant backlinks to your website and/or associated content. SEO companies ensure that you have a strong SEO profile. Having a strong SEO profile helps to ensure the visibility of your brand, thus, resulting in an increased brand awareness.

Link Building

Link building, also known as backlinking, is comprised of numerous strategies that result in reputable websites placing links on their website that point back to your website. In a nutshell, when reputable websites place your link somewhere on their website, they are known as “high-quality links.” The more high-quality backlinks you can amass, the higher your website will rank. Conversion rate optimization companies in Toronto will be different than Mississauga or say Oakville.

Why High-Quality Backlinks Help Your Website Two-Fold.

  • High-quality backlinks show search engines, such as Google, that your website is an authority in your market or industry. When a reputable website with a high DA (domain authority) links back to your website, it shows search engines that authorities from around the web recognize your site as an authority, as well. It creates a sort of network that allows search engines to track who is relevant and worthy of being served to their users. That’s right, their users. Search engines are companies. People use their services to find relevant websites to their search queries. When your website amasses quality backlinks, it shows Google and other search engines that your website is worth serving to their users.
  • Backlinks count as “votes” for your website. Websites with the most votes rank the highest. The higher quality the backlink, the more important the “vote”. For example, your social media platforms may be a little more valuable than you think. Every time your posts get shared or, retweeted, or liked – it counts as a vote.

Organic Keyword Integration

Organic keyword integration simply means to implement target keywords, which are relevant to your website/business, into your website content, blogs, articles, etc. However, to do this, the company you have hired must have a clear understanding of what are considered to be black hat and white hat SEO/CRO methods. Organic keyword integration is to place each keyword in a completely natural way. Forcing a keyword where it does not belong is called keyword spamming, and may result in a manual penalty from search engines such as Google.

What a CRO Company Does

  • Test. The number one aspect of CRO is testing. Everything ranging from A/B testing to multivariate testing. Knowing what works and what does not is the difference between success and failure.
  • Build a conversion framework: audience targeting, building audience confidence, building engagement, sales funnels, and address worries or concerns.
  • Make small changes at a time which are easier to track.
  • Implement a strong SEO profile.

…and much more.


A truly knowledgeable CRO strategy combines the full potential of white hat SEO with a complete conversion optimization framework. In the end, your website will succeed, meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations and that is “conversion rate optimization companies Toronto.”

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