“Yopie.ca was referred to us by one of our managers, we knew that people looking to going out in Toronto largely used the internet when looking for places to go and that we didn’t rank well on the search engines. We had several people running our website, hosting, social media and security. Yopie.ca consolidated all of our login credentials, optimized and branded our social media accounts and then migrated our website to their servers where they provide security as well. They’ve integrated beautifully with our social media coordinator and we have since designed a new site with a new look that is mobile friendly and easy for our visitors to use. Our rankings have gone way up with us on the first page for hundreds of keywords, we are receiving a thousand more visitors to the site every month and we had two million views on our google plus page the first year with Yopie. There is absolutely nothing negative I can say and the experience working with you was all positive and very professional.”