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There are 1200 searches for realtors in Toronto every month

There are thousands of searches made in every community across Ontario for realtors. Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton all receive a huge search volume of people searching for realtors every month and significantly more entering the buying cycle searching for homes online.

“Searches for real estate agents have grown 220% year over year”

Google Real Estate

“93% of people don’t go past the first page of Google YOU MUST BE ON PAGE ONE”

We Don’t Guess, We Have The Data

Every year more home buyers look for realtors online with searches for realtors increasing over 200% annually. The thing is, 93% of those home buyers searching won’t go past the first page of Google to find their real estate agent, you must be on page one to get found.



Get On Board Or Get Left Behind..Really

VERY FEW realtors have more than a website with MLS search, even less have a site using lead capturing software and again less are in the know about where a large portion of ‘real estate leads’ are going and to a large degree, have already gone.



The Bad News :(

The BAD news is that there are only ten spots on page one and there are realtors putting serious digital marketing plans in place. These realtors have a website and web presence that are continually being built weekly, eventually, these websites will be impossible to catch in the rankings.



The Good News :)

The GOOD news is that it is only a few realtors that have real estate marketing plans in place digitally and those who begin the process of fortifying their web presence NOW will be the ones to dominate page one of Google in the future and everyone else will be trying to play catch up.


“Ninety-three percent of people begin the buying cycle by searching online for homes, are they finding you and using the MLS search on your site? “

Google Real Estate

Our Blog and Article Writers

Companies that blog receive 65% more leads and rank twice as well as those that don’t, that’s why we have dedicated content, article and blog writers with experience in every field.

We Can Handle Your Social Media

With Social Media driving 32% of all website traffic last year your presence has never been more important, as well as strategy we can handle every customer question in the biggest arena
for Digital Word of Mouth.

Video Testimonials And Home Listings

With reviews being the biggest thing in marketing and almost 80% of people consulting them before deciding on service providers video testimonials are an incredibly important form of social proof. Our template videos for home listings are easily interchangeable from listing to listing and add reputability and state of the art technology to your website.

Searches For Real Estate Agents

  • Toronto – 1200 Per Month
  • Mississauga – 500 Per Month
  • Brampton – 550 Per Month
  • Oakville – 330 Per Month


A Full-Service Real Estate Marketing Company

The Yopie System includes all methods of the Marketing services we provide


We Handle Everything!

At Yopie.ca we identify what searches are being made in your area for people looking for realtors, then target them specifically and when the searchers arrive on page one you’ll be there waiting for them. With 93% of home buyers beginning their search online, the question is: Are they searching for those homes on your site?


Long-Term Planning

All sites are pre-designed with scalability in mind, we set your site up with the plan of it growing stronger with every passing month and therefore increasing your rankings leading to more leads. The constant addition of new targeted content published to the site and promoted via Social Media aimed to meet those targets.

Having professional SEO services takes the guesswork out of a very broad subject



web design research

We Plan & Sketch.

web design toronto image

We Design & Develop.

website audit

We Test & Deliver.













Our Current Client Numbers

“we’re this for one reason only and that is to produce more business for you, we like to think our numbers speak for themselves.”

“the thing about marketing is the result are black and white, you either produce the numbers or you don’t. that being said Yopie has produced a very good return on investment, paying for themselves and more with the increase in business we’ve experienced. We can’t wait for 2016 after a banner year, can’t say enough about our experience with Yopie.”……………….Bobby Adams – Google+

A Rounded Approach

so you get back to work and stop reading about marketing 🙂


Pay Per Click

page one instantly

In front of your ideal client and only pay if they click.


Search Engine Optimize

the power of search

The ultimate for increasing your website’s traffic

Blog writing services

Blog and Article Writing

rank for more keywords

Be an authority in your field, that’s how you rank!

social media services

Social Media Marketing

Digital word of mouth

Keep yourself in front of, and engaged with your clients.

real estate marketing companies toronto

Internet Marketing

have multiple traffic streams

Don’t have all your eggs in the search engine basket.

google business optimization

Google Local Ranking

rank locally for your business

Local searches have the largest rate of conversion.

What to Look for in Real Estate Marketing Companies


The Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Services: Marketing is a core component of every type of business, including the real estate businesses. As a realtor, it might be tempting to undertake the marketing of your business on your own, but logic would dictate that you should seek professional real estate marketing services for better results. Here are some of the benefits you will get from using an internet marketing company.

Convenience: You are trained as a realtor and marketing may not be your area of expertise, instead of stretching yourself thin by trying to market your practice and at the same time trying to nurture and convert leads, it would be a good idea to relieve yourself of the burden and let professionals do the marketing for you as you concentrate and converting the leads and let’s face it, being a realtor. This offers you a lot of conveniences and you will get to focus on other important aspects of your business, like making money.

A  consistent  Flow of Leads: By choosing one of the many real estate marketing companies out there, you will be guaranteed a consistent flow of leads into your business. In this manner, you will have the gas needed to keep the wheels of your real estate business machine rolling. Remember that in any business the absence of leads can easily make your life harder and more stressful than need be. However, this should never happen if you use real estate marketing services with a strategic and measured approach that should consistently be receiving fresh leads and if done right, an increasing amount of real estate leads over time.

Good ROIs: Some real estate marketing companies can be expensive, but it a worthwhile venture in the long run. With such marketing services, you will get highly targeted leads to your business and your duty will simply be to close them. With the value and the nature of transactions that take place in the real estate industry, you can certainly get a high return on investments with most agent studies reporting a return on investment after two home sales.

Brand awareness: It is the ultimate desire of every business to create a formidable brand that will make them stand out from the crowd. As a realtor, or someone running a real estate business, you should always strive to have a strong brand that will be easily recognized by both current and potential clients. In this manner, you will create credibility in your business and you will find it easy to close deals and accumulate more leads.

The thing is do most realtors know how? Building a strong brand in a fairly competitive industry not only involves a great deal of know-how but is also incredibly labour intensive. With professional marketing services, you’re dealing with trained marketers that have a clearly defined marketing strategy to market your business effectively so that you stand out from the rest and get the maximum benefits when growing your real estate brand.

Marketing makes it possible to grow your business: Real estate marketing companies make it possible for realtors to grow their businesses. Marketing will expose your business to potential clients. The more people you can reach, the more leads you can collect and the higher the number of deals you can close. This is how growth is achieved in real estate industry.

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Barry MBarry MCroc Rock
“There is absolutely nothing negative I can say and the experience working with you was all positive and very professional.”
.. JEFF C.. JEFF COpKat Inc.
“Our competition all have websites but do little to build there web presence and content and we now own the first page and started to pull away in the rankings. The result have been outstanding with revenue up 112% digital marketing was a great decision for us”
“We use to do 10-12 leads per month which was good. After 8 months we are averaging 30-60 qualified leads a month from our website and the numbers increase consistently. We currently rank first page one over 100 keywords”

“Real estate-related searches increased 252% in last 3 years”

Google Real Estate

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