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    Sales Phone

    Please provide the phone number where you would like to receive calls from your campaign. We will set a call tracking number to monitor calls going to your main sales number.

    Lead Notification Email

    Please list the email address you would like the lead notification to forward to. Note: you may need to follow up quickly from this email address.

    Google Analytics Access:

    Please add us to your Google Analytics account, add pidgy8@gmail.com as an admin with "FULL ACCESS". You can follow this tutorial to add us as admin: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009702?hl=en#Add

    Google My Business

    Please add us to your Google My Business listing. Add pidgy8@gmail.com as a 'Manager'. We use this for your location extension in Google Ads. You can follow this tutorial to add us as a manager: https://support.google.com/business/answer/6085299?hl=en

    Website Login Credentials

    Please add us to your website or provide us with your user name and password. We will need full access to add plugins, complete the call tracking and conversion tracking.

    Sales Process

    How does your typical sales process work with website leads? Example: Click on ad => Web Form => Call back customer.

    Service Locations

    What local areas do you cover/service? Please enter postal code, area or city name(s) so we can be as targeted as possible.

    Service Location Exclusions

    List any areas that may be close to the service areas you want to exclude from targeting, these could be lower income areas, or areas that are hard to reach for one reason or another.

    Ideal Customer

    Breifly describe your ideal customer.

    Monthly Ad Spend Budget

    What is your desired monthly budget for Adspend? We suggest a minimum of 500.00, the higher the ad spend the better the ROI

    Products and Services

    Provide a list of the products and services that you provide?

    What’s your most profitable service?

    We are looking for the service that you want to focus the majority of your budget towards, we also take into consideration seasonal items.

    Hours of Operation

    What days of the week and what hours is your business is open to accommodate quote requests and phone calls?

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