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Real Estate Marketing The Digital Era

Enter The Digital Era Of Real Estate Marketing

How Real Estate Marketing Has Gone Digital

Digital marketing is the new mantra with regards to promoting products and services online. This is true for even the very traditional niches like the real estate industry, which, for a very long time tried to hold on to the traditional methods of marketing. But just as one philosopher once observed, you can never resist change, however much you try. In this regard, therefore, real estate marketers have been forced to abandon the traditional forms of marketing and adapt to digital marketing to increase the chances of success for their business. It is not that the traditional methods no longer work, but with the advent of the digital age, they have become less effective. Here are the various methods through which real estate marketing has gone digital:

Real Estate Websites

Not long ago, many people in the real estate industry relied upon the huge listing directories to get exposure to their real estate listings. But this has since changed as real estate agents are now building stand-alone websites which they can promote using various means as a method of getting more people to know about their listings, and in the process get more leads and possibly make sales. Such real estate websites are more versatile since the owner has total control over them and can employ whatever marketing strategy they want. This is not possible with the big directory-type real estate websites. Even having MLS search available you can tap into people searching the addresses of specific properties that are entering the buying cycle and can find your site to be an authority on real estate if the site is built properly.

Social Media

For a long time, realtors never considered the social media as viable avenues that can be used to get real estate leads. But with the growth of social media and the success of other industries in using it to market their products and services, realtors are now using the social media to build huge followings, build the brand and also prospect for leads. The social media has become so important that because statistics show that people spend such a considerable amount of their time on the social sites, it is prudent to take advantage of it to market your real estate business because social media has truly become a ‘digital word of mouth’.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to have a successful real estate website, you need traffic to that website, there are various avenues of getting this traffic and search engine optimizations remains one of the best options for the real estate industry. Instead of using the expensive modes of paid traffic to get visitors, realtors are now turning to search engine optimization to get their website ranked high in the search engines so that they benefit from the large amounts of free and targeted traffic they provide.

Email Marketing

Lead generation is a very vital component in real estate marketing. It is imperative for every realtor to have the ability to collect fresh leads on a regular basis so that they can have the gas needed to keep their businesses going. Real estate marketers have resorted to the effective use of email marketing to get buyers for their property. They have come up with ingenious ways of collecting the email addresses of people entering the market, they will then follow up and try to convert using email marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Using Real Estate Marketing Services

Feeling Confused About Real Estate Marketing Services?

Marketing is a core component of every type of business, including the real estate businesses. As a realtor it might be tempting to undertake the marketing of your business on your own, but logic would dictate that you should seek professional real estate marketing services for better results. Here are some of the benefits you will get from such services.

Convenience: You are trained as a realtor and marketing may not be your area of expertise, instead of stretching yourself thin by trying to market your practice and at the same time trying to nurture and convert leads, it would be a good idea to relieve yourself of the burden and let professionals do the marketing for you as you concentrate and converting the leads and let’s face it, being a realtor. This gives you a lot of convenience and you will get to focus on other important aspects of your business, like making money.

Consistent flow of leads: By using real estate marketing services, you will be guaranteed of consistent flow of leads into your business. In this manner, you will have the gas needed to keep the wheels of your real estate business machine rolling. Remember that in any business the absence of leads can easily make your life harder and more stressful than need be. However this should never happen if you use real estate marketing services with a strategic and measured approach that should consistently be receiving fresh leads and if done right, an increasing amount of real estate leads over time.

Good ROI’s: Real estate marketing can be expensive, but it a worthwhile venture in the long run. With such marketing services, you will get highly targeted leads to your business and your duty will simply be to close them. With the value and the nature of transactions that take place in the real estate industry, you can certainly get a high return on investments with most agent studies reporting a return on investment after two home sales.

Brand awareness: It is the ultimate desire of every business to create a formidable brand that will make them stand out from the crowd. As a realtor, or someone running a real estate business, you should always strive to have a strong brand that will be easily recognized by both current and potential clients. In this manner, you will create credibility in your business and you will find it easy to close deals and accumulate more leads.

The thing is do most realtors know how? Building a strong brand in a fairly competitive industry not only involves a great deal of know-how but is also incredibly labour intensive. With professional marketing services you’re dealing with trained marketers that have a clearly defined marketing strategy to market your business effectively, so that you stand out from the rest and get the maximum benefits when growing your real estate brand.

Marketing makes it possible to grow your business: Real estate marketing makes it possible for realtors to grow their businesses. Marketing will expose your business to potential clients. The more people you can reach, the more leads you can collect and the higher the number of deals you can close. This is how growth is achieved in real estate industry.

Online Marketing Techniques: Lead Generation

Does Your Online Marketing Generate Business

Generating leads is defined as the process of increasing and producing more visitors to your business or website. It is a strategy to boost efficiency of its performance and to enhance overall intrigue for producing a sales conduit.

Nowadays lead generation is mostly done online and like virtually everything else has been adjusting to the presence of technology. We now have an information influx on the web and with all of this data saturating visitor engagement, businesses now have an opportunity to cultivate and qualify leads prior to being converted to customers.


Online lead generation is important because the manner in which visitors make a purchase has changed drastically. Marketing firms must stick out from the plethora of competitors that seek attention from their target demographics. This is why marketing experts must learn how to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their visitors and returning buyers.


Not too long ago, lead generation meant gathering the information from prospects and handing this off to sales for contact. First-time buyers had little access to educate themselves on a specific product or service so the sales representative became the #1 source of information. Obviously, things are now different.

With the influx of information mentioned prior, consumers now have an abundance of data at their fingertips. This allows users to receive a lot of information without the need of an often time biassed salesman.
Yelp and other consumer review sites allow people to share their experiences with a particular product or service. This has enabled potential customers to study objective views from people not affiliated with the company. Once consumers have gathered enough information they would then reach out to the providers to discuss a purchase.
This is quite literally the polar opposite of how it used to be 2 decades ago and marketers are still adjusting. Over 60% of marketing firms have shared that lead generation is an area that is often problematic for businesses.


Studies have indicated that the website, conferences and tradeshows along with email marketing are the most beneficial lead generation strategies. The least beneficial methods have been direct mail and print advertising.
You want to combine a healthy mixture of inbound and outbound marketing. Combining the two strategies can greatly increase the number of leads, exposure and conversions. Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are 2 vital elements to this equation as well.

Content is key to your website’s theme and can make or break the number of leads to your business. SEO allows businesses to have their websites indexed by search engines so their target audience can easily find them on the web. This is the dynamic duo because search engines favour websites with quality content so both components go hand in hand. This can be taken a step further with an awesome blog that focuses on subjects taken seriously by visitors.

Make sure your online marketing blog articles are engaging and valuable for your guests. The content and the strategically placed options on your website such as sign up forms and call to action buttons are also helpful in boosting leads.

Understanding The Data – Your Conversion Rate

Understanding Your Conversion Rate

If you haven’t read it, maybe you should start with what is conversion rate and then progress to understanding the data. The concept of a conversion rate is simply measuring how many visitors are converted into customers for your business. With the influence of business websites in the 21st century, there are innovative strategies that business owners should use to understand their conversion rates. It doesn’t matter if you want guests to place an order, sign up for packages, or book a session. The point of your website is not just to attract visitors, but compel them to make a purchase. By understanding your site’s conversion rates, you thereby understand the effectiveness of your website.


First things first, ingrain the truth that conversion rates are an essential component of any marketing campaign. You’d be surprised how many businesses invest in state of the art analytic tools but fail to acknowledge the significance of conversion rates. They see the high number of visitors per month, feel validated and receive pats on the back from their colleagues. However, a high level of traffic does not indicate that your marketing efforts are paying off. By dividing the number of visitors by the amount of transactions made each month, business owners may find the percentage of their conversions to be lower than expected. This could mean that although you are gaining traffic, you are not attracting your target audience or the website is not presenting a strong enough call to action. Now with this information, you can take the necessary steps to make your website more appealing to your target audience and improve the number of conversions.


Now that you are in the know about the importance of conversion rates, you then have to determine which variables you are going to measure. Think about the final outcome you want your guests to arrive at and imagine how you are going to guide them there. The end result for each organization is different based on the industry niche they are in. You may want your guests to schedule a consultation, sign up for a membership or free trial, purchase an item or service or even download of your audio recording. Figuring out the end result will build a solid foundation for your website’s layout and navigation process.


One of the most popular traffic and conversion rate monitoring programs is Google Analytics. This software has intricate filters that can supervise your site’s activity and show metrics based on your key preferences. You will be able to clearly see when visitors leave your site, which pages they visited, how long they spend on each page etc. Based on the results, these become perfect analytic components to modify your website and boost your conversion rates.

Conversion rates are the most important part of any business.

Luckily for us, technology makes measuring conversion rates easier than ever before. You just need to figure out your end goal and how you want to lead visitors to this final destination. Analytic programs are viable tools that are valuable assets in understanding your conversion rates, and your CRO company will use this data to optimize your site’s effectiveness, thus, increasing your site’s conversions.

Real Estate Marketing Firms And Why It’s The Future

Reators and Real Estate Marketing Firms,

Are real estate marketing firms right for you? Many businesses are still learning the ropes of implementing search engine optimization in the right manner. For realtors, SEO is a vital component of their marketing strategies because it is a means to reach the prospects at the right time, when they are searching for properties and more importantly realtors online. Though realtors have seemed to have stuck to the traditional marketing methods for a long time, never considering SEO seriously, they are now realizing the effectiveness of SEO in real estate marketing and every realtor should be trying their best to get first page rankings in the search engines for their targeted keywords. Here are some of the reasons that might have been responsible for this change of heart by the realtors towards SEO.

Increased traffic and conversion

High website rankings can lead to flood-gate of quality and laser targeted traffic to the realtor’s website. SEO is a reliable and affordable marketing method that can be used to get top ranking in the search engines, with SEO realtors have the ability to not only show up on the first page of search engines for people looking at real estate (the beginning of the home buying cycle) but also show up for people ready to buy and sell who are now looking for agents in their area, now that’s a very targeted and qualified lead. Since this traffic is highly targeted, they are also likely to have increased conversation by collecting more leads on the website and by having people specifically looking for agents to handle their sale and purchase.

High ROI

The return on investment is a crucial component in every marketing campaign. SEO offers superior results compared to other marketing methods when it comes to conversions, this leads to more profitable campaigns vs traditional methods and results in a significant increase in ROI. Realtors adding SEO to their marketing budgets can increase sales significantly but you’ll definitely need help on this broad topic, enter real estate marketing firms.

Branding and Authority

90% of search engine users don’t go beyond the first page when they are looking for information on the internet. Through SEO, realtors are able to rank their website on the first page of the search engines for the targeted keywords they desire and enjoy the incredible traffic that comes with it. Websites showing up on the first page of search engines are deemed to be authoritative and the users are more willing to visit compared with those on the subsequent pages. Additionally, if your website consistently shows up among the top results, it gets a lot of recognition from searchers and this is important in the branding of the site as real estate authority.

SEO is affordable in the long run

Most realtors tend to shy away from SEO because the initial costs seem to be expensive and it doesn’t bring in instant results. But despite these facts, a properly conducted search engine optimization will prove to be very affordable in the long run, but really who cares if it brings in a ton of business. Lol.

After the website is well optimized and gains the desired rankings on the search engines, it will still require maintenance to continue bringing in more traffic as well as identify new profitable areas. The biggest difference with SEO is how targeted the leads are, you can actually target only people typing in ‘Toronto real estate agents’! I think we’d all agree this would be the most qualified of leads.

This is unlike other sources of traffic generation because its so targeted towards people actually looking for an agent and multiple studies show searches for realtors are increasing 200% year over year. Real estate marketing firms can put together a comprehensive plan to put you at the forefront of your industry and we know that’s where the industry is going considering that real estate marketing is almost completely digital now.

PPC Marketing Company: What do They Do?

PPC Marketing Company Confession

PPC marketing agencies are marketing agencies for people and companies who make money through the internet. Their ultimate goal is to make more money for their employer, just like any other type of marketing agency. It’s all about marketing the product for increased revenue.


PPC is an abbreviation for Pay Per Click. A PPC ad makes money for the person or company that owns the website that the ad appears on. The advertiser pays for the ad every time someone clicks on it.


The reason for paying for PPC ads is basically the same as paying for any type of advertising – increased revenues. The advertising company pays the website owner for each click but, if the PPC marketing agency has done its job right, the advertising company will make enough money to justify the cost. **A good PPC marketing agency will prove its worth with increased profits for the advertiser. **


A PPC marketing agency does much more than just design ads to get a buyer’s attention, although that may be involved. A good agency understands the product being marketed and the consumer who is most likely to be interested in the product.


The product being advertised is researched by the PPC marketing agency to determine exactly what it is and who will want to buy it. They will analyze all the facts and figures they can find.


The PPC marketing agency uses the information they get from analyzing the product to match targeted keywords to the target audience or customer. You see, this process is not as simple as just guessing what words a possible customer might use to search for something. The best keywords are determined by crunching the numbers and analyzing them.

**A good PPC marketing agency analyzes before, during and after a new ad is launched. **


A good PPC marketing agency continues to collect and analyze the data throughout the ad campaign to make sure it is working. A PPC ad is supposed to make money for the advertiser. The PPC marketing agency has to collect data on:

• how often the ad is clicked.

• what type of person is clicking the ad?

• how much money the advertiser is making as a direct result of the customer clicking the ad.

The agency compiles this data and analyzes it in order to determine the effectiveness of the ad and confirm ROI. If the ROI or Return On Investment isn’t justifying the ad cost, the PPC marketing company will crunch the numbers and come up with a better strategy.


There are advantages to hiring a PPC marketing company as opposed to a single person. An agency offers the accumulated experiences and knowledge from more than one marketing expert. Each person in the marketing agency brings their own personal marketing experience to the table.

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